5 smart ways to edit an assignment

To master the art of essay writing, you not only need to write the paper but also edit the same to make sure it fetches you good grades. Students, who manage to write an essay often wonder “who can edit my paper?”

There are different ways that you can adapt to edit your essay. You need to find out the tricks and apply the same to your essay. Once you master the art of editing an essay, it will no longer be a challenge for you to deal with academic writing.

Apply these 5 tricks to edit your paper

You can apply these editing tricks and you will never wonder “who can edit my paper.

  • Read the text: – Before starting with the editing part, you need to read the whole text thoroughly. Once you read it, you will be able to understand the flaws that you have made while writing the essay. Reading will also show you the room for improvement.
  • Focus on punctuations: – It is important to focus on punctuation because you can make mistakes, especially when you write in a hurry. You need to check whether the phrases are connected properly or whether there is any discrepancy in the meaning of the text. Just read it thoroughly and you can understand the quality of your writing. Do not panic by thinking ‘how to edit my paper.’ Most of the job will be done once you focus on your paper.


  • Check for grammatical errors: – Along with the punctuations, you should also check for grammar and syntactical part of the write-up. When you write in a hurry, you are likely to make grammatical mistakes. Thus, checking for the same is very essential.


  • Make use of online tools:- There are many helpful tools that you can use to edit your paper. Different tools can help you to find out the errors and also suggest you rectify the mistakes. When you use online tools, your editing will be flawless.
  • Take breaks while editing:- If you get fatigued while editing your paper, you may not be able to identify your mistakes. Thus, it is suggested by the expert editors to take the necessary break in between your work. This will aid in editing the paper and help you to rectify all the mistakes.

These are some of the steps that you need to execute while editing. Once you do that, you will never have to ask ‘how to edit my paper?’

Conclusion:-  When you edit a paper, you need to make it perfect. The article discusses some tips that can help you to proofread and edit your paper by rectifying every error in your paper.

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Top Steps to Make Your Paper Flawless

A document without editing is like a sculpture without finishing touches. Until and unless editing is done, the copy does not become a great piece of writing that is worthy of reading. Now, many people wonder, “how can I edit my paper?”. The editing process is not easy and does require a few skills. But, it is not impossible for an individual to learn this technique. By learning about the different stages involved in the process and constant practice, anybody can master the art of editing a document.

The process to follow when one feels the dilemma “how to edit my paper?”

  • Going through the copy- The process of editing starts with reading the text thoroughly. It is done not only in the beginning but throughout the process. The best way to find out imperfections in the document is to read it again and again. While reading, one must try to understand the core of the paper, the intention of the document, and what has already been included in it.
  • Copyediting or proofreading- At this stage, the finer details like the grammar, spelling, typing, linguistic errors etc. can be checked. A great way to carry this out is to look for the common mistakes that one makes. It may be punctuation errors, or capitalization or anything else. To detect spelling mistakes accurately, the backward reading technique can be used. In this technique, the text is read from backward so, the spelling errors catch the eye more as the focus shifts from the context of the sentence to that specific word’s spelling. Along with this, passive voices can be removed or reduced and use of transitional sentence, use of unclear references must be checked.
  • Checking the facts used in the paper- The document must contain many facts and figures in it. To do this, the copy can be checked alongside the original information. From dates to names to research results, everything must be double checked. Also, the sources must also be examined.
  • Examining the clarity- The document must be comprehensible for the readers. So, it must be checked if each sentence is making sense. For this, the context or the core topic of the paper must be consulted. All the information used must be relevant to the main idea. There must be a smooth transition between two paragraphs so that, the information flows from the previous point to the next one. Along with this, it should also be checked whether all the points have been explained clearly, all the required information has been presented, and all the questions have been answered or not.
  • Scrutinizing the references– The document must contain properly cited references in it. It must be examined if all the sources used in the paper has been cited or not, if the instructed referencing style has been followed or not etc. Without accurate citation, the document may get considered as being plagiarised and can get rejected.
  • Checking the structure and other requirements- It must be checked if the correct structure or format has been used in the document. For different types of papers, different structures are used. So, a general format cannot be used for every document. In the end, the whole copy must be revised to see if all the requirements or criteria have been fulfilled in the paper or not.

So, this is the complete process of editing which is required to make a document impeccable. This time-consuming process has been proven to be very helpful in developing high-quality papers.


Source: http://community.vanguardngr.com/profiles/blogs/you-need-to-follow-these-top-steps-to-make-your-paper-flawless


8 Top-notch tips to boost up your grades

‘Who will edit my paper’ is a serious query among students. Grades are always important for any student. There is no magic which can magically turn your grades from D’s into A’s; you will have to do that with your own efforts and determination. Learning to overcome the problems will put you on the way to success. Therefore, there are many tips which can significantly boost your chances of scoring better. Listed below are eight top-notch tips that will help you to boost your grades:

  1. Pay attention to the lectures – If you are a daydreamer, it’s time to start focussing on the lectures. To improve your grades, pay attention to the lectures of your teacher. It is quite obvious to lose focus if the teacher goes on and on about an uninteresting topic, but do not tune them out. Listen to what they are saying rather than taking with friends. Make sure that you do not copy down what’s there in the board without understanding it.
  2. Make proper notes – Making proper notes help in understanding the lectures in a better way when you come back to them later. A clear and appropriate note plays a crucial role in improving grades. While making notes, make sure that you don’t write everything that your teacher says. Rather, only write the basics of the lecture. If you find something complex, write that down. It will help you to get back to it and get more information later. Try to write notes by hand instead of using the computer. It will help you to remember the points more easily.
  3. Keep yourself organised by creating a study schedule – Use a calendar or study planner to mark out all your assignment due dates so that you can work accordingly. Allocate extra time for subjects that you find difficult or struggle with. It will help you to devote more time to polish your weak sections. Try to divide your study time in smaller chunks. It is more effective to study by splitting the study time in chunks rather than studying in huge cram sessions. Spacing out studies will help in decreasing the stress level that eventually helps in boosting the overall grades.
  4. Clear all your doubts before the exam – Your teacher knows you best, so it’s better to ask them when you have any doubt regarding the lecture the teacher gave or something that you have found while going through the study material. Your teacher will have some advice on how to go about it. If your teacher does not explain it in the way you understand, you can take online help from different video tutorials on writing paper in exams.
  5. Go through your syllabus – A syllabus is a roadmap to your learning. Students usually get their syllabus at the beginning of their session. It’s the written outline of all the subjects which one has to study during the year. Therefore, it is important to go through the syllabus carefully before the commencement of the exam. Clear all your doubts or ask anything that you haven’t understood in the course of your study.
  6. Adopt your learning style – Everyone has a different style of learning. Some prefer visual learning, some prefer audio learning, and some need a physical motion. If you are visual learner, then draw up some flow chart, pie chart or webs to visually represent the information and find how the ideas are connected. If you are an auditory learner then ask your teachers to provide recorded lectures that you can listen later.
  7. Work on areas where you are falling short – You needs to work on the targeted areas where you are falling short. Figure out where you are falling short. Are your grades consistently low on all your subjects or is there any particular subject that you are struggling with?
  8. 8. Improve your writing skills – ‘Who will write my paper?’ or ‘Who will edit my paper?’ is a common question among students. Another common reason for not getting good marks is lack of writing skills among students. You can improve your writing skills by following different written sources like journals and magazines. Reading extensively and working on the weaker areas will help to develop the writing skills, which in turn will boost the grades.


By following the above top-notch tips, you can boost your overall grades easily. Or visit: https://myassignmenthelp.com/us/edit-my-paper.html to avail online editing services.

Tips and tricks to score high in your graduation exams

Most students opt for affordable papers help be hiring professionals to complete their assignments. What if I suggest you with smart tips to score high in your graduation exams?

As per the new data from the National Center for Education Statistics, the graduation rate hits another record in 2015-16 with 84% pass nationwide. It has raised about 4% since 2011 when 79% of students graduated from their high schools.

How the students contributed to this result is something to think about. One sure way to boost the grades is to study harder. But, the best way to boost your scores is to study smarter. Listed below are a few tips for students to score high in their graduation exam.

  1. Recall what you have read – Most of us believe that if we repeatedly expose ourselves to a specific piece of information, it will help our mind to grasp it faster. This is why most of the students re-read the text or goes through the notes taken down during the lectures before the examination. But, this is not the solution. Repeated reviewing of the materials does not lead to better memory. The best way to increase your memory is to recall the information that you have read earlier. Therefore, focus more on pulling out information from your brain, rather than cramming information into your brain. Recall what you have read instead of reviewing it.
  2. 2. Mock the exam environment – Our brain is pretty good in associating smells and sounds with memories. Therefore, taking advantage of the senses during studies can help you score better in your exams. If you study while listening to your favorite track or munching your favourite snack, it will get associated with the material you are studying. According to studies, it is proved that exposure to music before any mental activity helps in waking up the brain and increases our awareness. Therefore, as you study, ensure that your memories are infused with the same sensations that you will experience during the exam.
  3. Divide your time and space out your studies – Spacing out studies help to decrease the stress level and improve our memory as well. According to studies, it is proven that students who study by dividing their time over several sessions remember more than 50% than students who study for the same amount of time in a single session. Spreading the 6 hours of study across 10 or 24 days actually helps in retaining the information up to 6 -8 months.
  4. Make an effective plan – Developing an effective study schedule gives extra time to tackle the difficult lessons. While you give additional time to the difficult subjects, you do not have to ignore other subjects. Planning effectively will improve your self- efficacy, and sense of agency. Make a schedule that involves studying each subject for 20 minutes and taking a break of 10 minutes after each session.
  5. Make effective notes – Sitting and revising the whole syllabus from the beginning may seem impossible in the last minutes. Therefore, make short notes and list out the main points that can help you to revise your study material. You can even take help from paper writing service which can give you the best assignments that you can use during your revision.
  6. Doing group study – Group study helps in clearing doubts and tackling difficult areas in the process of study. Discussing the problem with friends might help in fixing the problem. Things that seems confusing to you might be easier for your friends. Therefore, a group study helps in elevating the scores of graduation exam.

Some effective tricks

Listed below are a few tricks which you can apply while studying for your graduation exam:

  1. Take a quiz or mock test before exams, so that it forces you to call-up information faster. Affordable mock papers are available online.
  2. Draw flowcharts or diagrams instead of writing whole sentences, it will help you to grasp the points better.
  3. Take help of mnemonics like the name of the planets. ‘My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas’ is for Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. There are many such examples which can help you to memorize faster.
  4. While you are at the examination hall, make sure to attempt those questions, the answers to which are already known to you. It will help you to save your time for the tricky question which you can attempt in the end. If you get stuck, move on to the next question. Remember, never leave any question unanswered.

All the above tips and tricks will help you to score high in your graduation examination.

Top Tips to Create Perfect Dissertation

When it comes to the subject called dissertations, most of the time students need dissertation help to help complete their task.

A dissertations helper is hired most of the times to get over with the papers. Students must check that the helper holds expertise in this field because dissertations assignments can be tricky and must be carefully done

With an increasing number of writers today, getting dissertation help is easy. There are a number of sites claiming to provide the best writers. However, only genuine sites must be considered for this work that provides all facilities.

If the student is in trouble with dissertation writing, the following dissertations paper help tips will be of good assistance to understand and complete the assignments without much hassle.

  • Planning the assignment: The first to-do task is to plan the assignment well. A well-planned task is easily completed because the points, methods, and approach are chalked out first. It keeps a check on performance, checks whether everything is on track or not, helps to keep focused and get the task completed on time. A well-planned assignment will help to get the task properly executed.

  • Setting milestones: The students must set milestones. This can be on a daily or an hourly basis. The tasks are to be completed within the stipulated time. If there are any distractions, students must refrain from them.

  • Doing in short periods: Students must never put stress by sitting for a long span of time with the task. They must do it in short periods completing one section after another. Sitting for a long time at a stretch will affect the quality and productivity of the work.

  • Practice is necessary: One thing to be remembered is that the dissertation cannot be written simply it needs practice. In fact, dissertations need the practice to achieve perfection. One needs to practice a lot to get things going smooth.

  • Revising the papers: Revision is very important. Students must revise before submitting an assignment. That helps to check mistakes. They must also proofread the work carefully.



Top Tools to edit your paper successfully.



The most common question asked by students these days is, “How do I edit my paper(https://myassignmenthelp.com/us/edit-my-paper.html) easily?” Students these days are given many written tasks to complete throughout their terms and semesters in college or grad school. While writing such lengthy assignments can itself be quite a task, editing the verbose texts becomes even more tiresome? While coming up with a unique topic for your assignment and researching it are the most essential steps, proofreading the written portions is crucial too. Students tend to devote a lot of time in research and proper structuring of their thesis and dissertations.  However, most of them overlook the prospect of grammatical errors in their work. Proofreading, therefore, is an extremely vital part of a written assignment since it helps in reducing the number of mistakes thus improving the quality of it.

For students who do not have a penchant for writing or for the foreign exchange students whose first language is not English, often commit common mistakes of using the wrong tone or voice or tense. For these students, online editing applications or sites can come to their rescue.

Here are some of the best editing tools that students can use to edit their dissertations or term papers.

  1. Grammarly

For Grammarly, all a student needs to do is paste the written content in its drop-down box and the tool will check for any spelling or grammatical mistakes in the fastest way possible. Grammarly is a multi-faceted tool wherein a student can upload even a DOC file and check for any unintentional plagiarism in the content.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is another proofreading that is quite easy to use. The best feature of it is that it detects article error too. Ginger also has an extension available that students can use to proofread their documents more quickly.

  1. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke can be considered the best writing enhancement software since checks written content in a variety of locations and formats. The software checks the grammar, spelling, and syntax and makes helpful suggestions to improve the quality of the writing. WhiteSmoke does an excellent job in the contextual analysis of the text in the fastest way possible.

  1. PaperRater

PaperRater is an unmatched editing tool since it rates the vocabulary and the words used in the written document. Besides tracing and rectifying grammatical and spelling errors, it also checks the title and analyzes the overall writing.

  1. Polishmywriting

Polishmywriting is one of the best editing tools available as the tool quite conveniently points out errors in three different colors. The tool marks spelling errors with a red line while for grammatical errors it uses a green line. The tool gives writing style suggestions too and functions quite quickly.

  1. Spellchecker.net

Apart from providing all the common features of an editing tool, the best part about SpellChecker is that this particular online tool can check writings in different languages other than just English.

  1. Slick Write

Like PaperRater, Slick Write points out the errors and analyzes the written document in whole. Students should definitely use Slick Write to check the quality of writing.

  1. PerfectIt

The best thing about PerfectIt is that the software can accept track changes, remove double spaces and update cross-references, among many other common features like checking spelling consistencies in the writing.

Proofreading tools are a great way to edit elaborately written assignments in a faster and more efficient way. However, students should keep in mind that these tools are not 100% accurate. Therefore, they should devote some time to manual proofreading too. If you are really getting difficult to write your paper you can hire a paper writing service(https://myassignmenthelp.com/us/paper-writing-service.html) online, who can help with your papers.


Source: http://www.apsense.com/article/how-to-search-a-trusted-online-paper-editor-who-can-help-me-to-edit-my-paper.html


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