How to do research before writing your research paper – Best Tips

Research, analyze and evaluate most challenging tasks behind successful paper writing!

According to companies offering research paper help in the US, conducting a proper study on the assigned topic is a bit troublesome. These difficulties are possible to overcome if you proceed a little more methodically. To be organized is a key factor in collecting the best and unique data for your paper.

Here are 10 effective tips that may appear as your research paper help. To apply these ideas while drafting your paper, you have to go through the list once.

  1. Plan your schedule: Previously, you may have heard of writing schedule but, here the concept is of having a routine for your research. For example, decide to read 10 scholarly articles within two weeks. Then plan to collect and note data from each source on every consecutive day. Similarly, allot respective days for studying reference books, library books, sample papers and other relevant material.


  1. Do not end with Wikipedia: You may think that Wikipedia is a great source of information, but you must know that is only good to be a start! The preliminary reading from Wiki pages to obtain an overview of the topic is acceptable. You can also take ideas from the suggested sources mentioned at the bottom of Wikipedia, however, citing data from it is considered as juvenile researching.


  1. The trail through bibliographies: A list of sources remains inscribed at the end of each reference books, scholarly articles or sample papers. Finding a great academic reference is an excellent opportunity to discover multiple other great sources. In that way, you may figure out hundreds of references that are relevant to your paper. The titles for academic author’s paper are not so difficult and so, it is easy for you to figure out the pertinent ones.


  1. Construct a research question: According to a well-known research paper writing service in the US, having a working thesis for your research actually helps in finding the most accurate data. Prepare a set of questions for yourself and whenever you come across new information, find out whether they are relevant with the aid of those questions. Gather enough background material in order to face every counter-argument with proper reasoning.


  1. Break the topic into segments: Your topic, in most cases, happens to include multiple aspects. It is difficult to deal with all of them at one go. The idea is to break the main theme into segments and research on them individually. Finally, while drafting accumulate all the data and you can automatically figure out the interconnections between them. Make sure that every fact, quote, and thought is linked in one way or the other.


  1. Consult with knowledgeable persons: A discussion with a person, who has a plethora of knowledge in your research field, is the best way to collect the key factors required for your paper. The person can be anyone like a friend, a guide, a professor, a mentor, a senior or an expert paper helper. At the time of knowledge transfer, ensure you are talking freely with the person and only then, you can clarify all your doubts.


  1. Bring it up to date: Once you find a relevant reference, check for its publication date. Ideally, people use data from the references published in last ten years. In case the publishing date seems to dry up a decade, the probable cause can be anything like the researcher has died, lack of funding for the research or the field is obsolete now. One effective trick is to Google the major researcher’s name and trying to find out their homepage or attempt for personal communication with them.

Your bibliography is sure to look decent if you apply these tips in finding the proper sources. Moreover, it allows time efficacy and let writer be organized while drafting his or her paper.



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