Top 6 Awesome Tools to Help You Write an Impressive Essay

Sure, clashing deadlines, part-time jobs, and back-to-back lectures are difficult to manage in college. Situations where you keep running out of time to finish all your academic tasks may prompt you in wondering, “Who can write my essay?” However, all such woes can quite easily be resolved once you master the trick of writing fast and writing well.
Living in the age of state-of-the-art writing tools, you can always find the resources that you are looking for on the Internet. A prior knowledge of digital tools that can help you be rid of worries such as “Who can write my essay for me?” is thus imperative if you wish to score well in your exams. Writing essays need not be an uphill task anymore for online tools can help you organize, edit and polish all your essays in a jiffy!
Top 6 online tools to help you write an essay to perfection
If you are having sleepless nights wondering “Who can write an essay for me?”, then you need to go through this post right away. Here are the 6 best online tools to help you with every aspect of writing an essay, right from selecting a topic to proofreading it as per your requirements.
1. Google Scholar
Do you often run off resources when writing an academic essay? Try Google Scholar today! You can access academic journals, theses, and dissertations according to your relevant topic or discipline on Google Scholar. You can find great essay topics and plenty of perspectives on your discipline when researching for your essay on Google Scholar.
2. Trello
Trello is the best friend for those students who are always running short on time to devote to their essays. A great sidekick for the absent-minded academics, Trello is the perfect organizing tool that lets you plan and execute like a pro. Create customized to-do lists, use labels to prioritize your tasks, and set deadline reminders using Trello.
3. RescueTime
How many times have you promised yourself a five-minute Facebook newsfeed scrolling break and wasted over an hour online? RescueTime is just the tool for you if you have a hard time concentrating due to the various social media distractions of the digital age. RescueTime logs the time you have spent at each website. After that, it prepares a weekly report on the amount of time you devoted to distractions vs. the time you spent you on productive websites.
4. Hemingway Editor
Hemingway is the online editing tool that even the best of editors out there swear by. Once you have finished writing an essay, you need to edit and proofread it thoroughly before turning it in. Hemingway can help you get rid of the drudgery of reading through the entirety of the essay. It highlights the mistakes and suggests changes. Modify your essay as per the suggestions and you are sure to have a polished essay ready for submission.
5. Readability Test Tool
Writing an elaborate essay requires lots of research and effort, not to mention hours of self-doubt and frustration to champion. After you put in a lot of hard work into composing an essay, obviously you would want people to give it a read. To make sure that your essay has all the elements to be a fascinating read, check the readability stats using this tool. It analyses factors such as average sentence length and usage of uncommon words to measure the readability of your essay.
6. EasyBib
If you are having a tough time citing external sources that you have used for preparing your essay, log on to EasyBib. This online tool lets you organize and create lists of references as per the requirements of your academic institution. It allows you to generate reference lists for a host of referencing and citation styles. Pick the one applicable for you and get a list of references within a matter of minutes.
These were the 6 most helpful tools for writing an essay. Use these and you will be sure to fetch superb marks for the next essay that you write. Good luck!



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