Top Tools to edit your paper successfully.



The most common question asked by students these days is, “How do I edit my paper( easily?” Students these days are given many written tasks to complete throughout their terms and semesters in college or grad school. While writing such lengthy assignments can itself be quite a task, editing the verbose texts becomes even more tiresome? While coming up with a unique topic for your assignment and researching it are the most essential steps, proofreading the written portions is crucial too. Students tend to devote a lot of time in research and proper structuring of their thesis and dissertations.  However, most of them overlook the prospect of grammatical errors in their work. Proofreading, therefore, is an extremely vital part of a written assignment since it helps in reducing the number of mistakes thus improving the quality of it.

For students who do not have a penchant for writing or for the foreign exchange students whose first language is not English, often commit common mistakes of using the wrong tone or voice or tense. For these students, online editing applications or sites can come to their rescue.

Here are some of the best editing tools that students can use to edit their dissertations or term papers.

  1. Grammarly

For Grammarly, all a student needs to do is paste the written content in its drop-down box and the tool will check for any spelling or grammatical mistakes in the fastest way possible. Grammarly is a multi-faceted tool wherein a student can upload even a DOC file and check for any unintentional plagiarism in the content.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is another proofreading that is quite easy to use. The best feature of it is that it detects article error too. Ginger also has an extension available that students can use to proofread their documents more quickly.

  1. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke can be considered the best writing enhancement software since checks written content in a variety of locations and formats. The software checks the grammar, spelling, and syntax and makes helpful suggestions to improve the quality of the writing. WhiteSmoke does an excellent job in the contextual analysis of the text in the fastest way possible.

  1. PaperRater

PaperRater is an unmatched editing tool since it rates the vocabulary and the words used in the written document. Besides tracing and rectifying grammatical and spelling errors, it also checks the title and analyzes the overall writing.

  1. Polishmywriting

Polishmywriting is one of the best editing tools available as the tool quite conveniently points out errors in three different colors. The tool marks spelling errors with a red line while for grammatical errors it uses a green line. The tool gives writing style suggestions too and functions quite quickly.


Apart from providing all the common features of an editing tool, the best part about SpellChecker is that this particular online tool can check writings in different languages other than just English.

  1. Slick Write

Like PaperRater, Slick Write points out the errors and analyzes the written document in whole. Students should definitely use Slick Write to check the quality of writing.

  1. PerfectIt

The best thing about PerfectIt is that the software can accept track changes, remove double spaces and update cross-references, among many other common features like checking spelling consistencies in the writing.

Proofreading tools are a great way to edit elaborately written assignments in a faster and more efficient way. However, students should keep in mind that these tools are not 100% accurate. Therefore, they should devote some time to manual proofreading too. If you are really getting difficult to write your paper you can hire a paper writing service( online, who can help with your papers.




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