Tips and tricks to score high in your graduation exams

Most students opt for affordable papers help be hiring professionals to complete their assignments. What if I suggest you with smart tips to score high in your graduation exams?

As per the new data from the National Center for Education Statistics, the graduation rate hits another record in 2015-16 with 84% pass nationwide. It has raised about 4% since 2011 when 79% of students graduated from their high schools.

How the students contributed to this result is something to think about. One sure way to boost the grades is to study harder. But, the best way to boost your scores is to study smarter. Listed below are a few tips for students to score high in their graduation exam.

  1. Recall what you have read – Most of us believe that if we repeatedly expose ourselves to a specific piece of information, it will help our mind to grasp it faster. This is why most of the students re-read the text or goes through the notes taken down during the lectures before the examination. But, this is not the solution. Repeated reviewing of the materials does not lead to better memory. The best way to increase your memory is to recall the information that you have read earlier. Therefore, focus more on pulling out information from your brain, rather than cramming information into your brain. Recall what you have read instead of reviewing it.
  2. 2. Mock the exam environment – Our brain is pretty good in associating smells and sounds with memories. Therefore, taking advantage of the senses during studies can help you score better in your exams. If you study while listening to your favorite track or munching your favourite snack, it will get associated with the material you are studying. According to studies, it is proved that exposure to music before any mental activity helps in waking up the brain and increases our awareness. Therefore, as you study, ensure that your memories are infused with the same sensations that you will experience during the exam.
  3. Divide your time and space out your studies – Spacing out studies help to decrease the stress level and improve our memory as well. According to studies, it is proven that students who study by dividing their time over several sessions remember more than 50% than students who study for the same amount of time in a single session. Spreading the 6 hours of study across 10 or 24 days actually helps in retaining the information up to 6 -8 months.
  4. Make an effective plan – Developing an effective study schedule gives extra time to tackle the difficult lessons. While you give additional time to the difficult subjects, you do not have to ignore other subjects. Planning effectively will improve your self- efficacy, and sense of agency. Make a schedule that involves studying each subject for 20 minutes and taking a break of 10 minutes after each session.
  5. Make effective notes – Sitting and revising the whole syllabus from the beginning may seem impossible in the last minutes. Therefore, make short notes and list out the main points that can help you to revise your study material. You can even take help from paper writing service which can give you the best assignments that you can use during your revision.
  6. Doing group study – Group study helps in clearing doubts and tackling difficult areas in the process of study. Discussing the problem with friends might help in fixing the problem. Things that seems confusing to you might be easier for your friends. Therefore, a group study helps in elevating the scores of graduation exam.

Some effective tricks

Listed below are a few tricks which you can apply while studying for your graduation exam:

  1. Take a quiz or mock test before exams, so that it forces you to call-up information faster. Affordable mock papers are available online.
  2. Draw flowcharts or diagrams instead of writing whole sentences, it will help you to grasp the points better.
  3. Take help of mnemonics like the name of the planets. ‘My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas’ is for Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. There are many such examples which can help you to memorize faster.
  4. While you are at the examination hall, make sure to attempt those questions, the answers to which are already known to you. It will help you to save your time for the tricky question which you can attempt in the end. If you get stuck, move on to the next question. Remember, never leave any question unanswered.

All the above tips and tricks will help you to score high in your graduation examination.

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