Digital Age – How is it affecting students in the 21st century?

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In recent years, there have been several attempts to outline the skills needed to engage in the digital era. The classrooms have changed and new teaching methodologies are penetrating the education system. The use of technologies has contributed to transforming learning into a lifelong process. By reading this article, you will get to know how the digital age is affecting students in the 21st century.

Internet Affects the Attention Span of Students:

Majority of teachers said that the technology affected the attention of the students as several students took college essay help from various service providers. As a part of the survey, students were asked about cell phone use in class. The average college students reported they use it 11 times a day.

Internet Distracts Students:

When a group of students was allowed to use the internet during their lecture, students not only looked at their lecture related sites but also went shopping and caught up on email. Multiple studies have revealed that majority of students use their laptops/internet for non-educational activities.

Internet Provides Quick Answers:

As per the Pew survey, 76% of teachers said that students use the internet to find quick answers. The teachers termed it as ‘Wikipedia problem’. While the Pew research explored how technology has affected student’s attention span, it also looked at how the use of the internet has changed the student’s research habits. As per the Pew survey, approximately 75% of 2,462 teachers commented that the internet and the search engines had a positive impact on the student’s researching skills. It enables them to complete the paper and provide them affordable papers to boost their grades.

Encourages Social Interaction and Online Play:

A survey by Ching-Ting et al.’s (2014) identified that social interaction is the recurrent theme in children’s online play. Many children use these digital applications to be more connected with others. They said that 60% of students felt hindered when they tried to communicate via writing. Communication with full sentences has lost out to short snippets in writing.

To conclude,

Recent surveys revealed that a large number of teachers said that the technology might be a useful tool for education. Nowadays, a majority of students spend most of the time on the internet. It’s time to carefully examine how the Internet has an impact on their curriculum and learning.


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