3 Top-notch reading strategies for digital natives

Presently, all students are digital natives who grew up using laptops and mobile phones. According to reports from the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress(https://myassignmenthelp.com/us/paper-help.html), about one in ten 4th grader uses the computer to read on a daily basis. Digital reading is more like an adventure. You can click on your favorite and continue again. Reading this article, you will find the top reading strategies to engage digital natives. Listed below are a few reading strategies to engage digital natives: Strategy 1: Include videos in your text More than 60% of students today are a visual-kinesthetic learner. Our brain responds to visuals better than any other kind of learning material. Many digital reading platforms provide embedded videos. It will encourage the digital natives to take a deeper dive into the content to uncover layers of meaning and comprehension. The visual analogy clarifies the concept better than anything else. Hence, this strategy can increase the interest of students in reading.

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